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Signos by Mel Ahlborn- Collection of 4 works

Signos by Mel Ahlborn- Collection of 4 works

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Illumination with Gold and/or Silver Leaf on Canvas

14" as shown x 14" as shown x 2 q/2"
$370.00 USD

'Signos' groups 4 artworks into a single option for the collector. Clockwise from the top left, 'Creator,' 'Redeemer,' and 'Creation,' and 'Trinity.' These 4 works are from my series in which I explore the relationship between divinity and humanity. How is it that the same symbols for representing the Divine Mystery have endured for centuries? The circle, cross, triangle and square have deep roots in symbolic meaning.  With more questions than answers, I am using gold and silver leaf to record my experiences.


'Signos' ['from the Spanish, 'signs' in English]


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