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Mary Jane Miller

Mary Magdalene Apostola - Repousse Icon

Mary Magdalene Apostola - Repousse Icon

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From the Repousse Collection by Mary Jane Miller and Valentin Gomez


Egg tempera and repousse pewter
17”x 19”

Valentin Gomez and Mary Jane Miller offer a collection of thirty beautifully executed contemporary icons. They are masterfully done in two ancient techniques.

The term “repousse” refers to pushing silver/pewter into flat sheets of metal to form shapes and volume. Then engraving and tooling is worked on from both sides to create designs used to “cover” the precious icon image. The technique had developed by the 8th century. By the 16th century, it had reached its glory in Russia, incorporating gold, jewels, pearly inlay and filigree.


Egg tempera on panel with pewter repousse

Shipping & Returns

Ships in fine art packaging. This work of art is not returnable.



Care Instructions

Protect from direct sunlight. Dust with soft flannel cotton cloth.

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